Denture Repair

Dentures may break during heavy biting, grinding, and fatigue over time, or accidently dropping them. All repairs should be performed in a suitable dental laboratory, as advised by your dentist. In some cases you may be able to contact a dental laboratory directly for repair, and subsequently save some cost.

Fractures can form in the base of the denture due to heaving biting or grinding. If you notice any fractures or cracks then you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. If fractures are ignored, they will likely get worse and the dentures may break.

Sometimes your dentures may suffer a clean break after an accident, and will need extensive repairs.

False teeth can be fractured or broken if the dentures are dropped, or if biting something very hard. A tooth may break off the denture under excessive stress.

False teeth can look fractured / damaged from excessive wear. This can happen if your bite causes the teeth to rub against each other. Repairing wear damage is more challenging because it involves multiple teeth and your bite is now accustomed to the new worn-out shape.

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