Space Maintainers

If a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent adult teeth can erupt into the empty space instead of their proper position. Space maintainers help to reserve space for when your permanent adult teeth erupt.

When other adult teeth erupt, there may not sufficient space left for them, causing them to erupt at a bad angle, and requiring corrective orthodontic treatment in later years. A space maintainer may be recommended by your dentist to hold open the space left by the missing tooth. This may or may not be required depending on the position of the lost tooth and current tooth growth.

The two types basic of space maintainers are removable and fixed.

These are typically made of acrylic and similar to temporary orthodontic braces. In some cases, an artificial tooth may be used to fill the space ready for the un-erupted tooth.

There are many types of fixed space maintainers including:

  • Band and Loop.
  • Crown and Loop.
  • Distal Shoe.
  • Lingual Arch.

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